Serving the finest cuts of pure Australian beef and lamb to Australia and the world.


Our business

As one of Australia’s largest meat wholesalers with distribution centres in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne and Swan Hill, we are dedicated to upholding the highest quality standards across our entire network.

From Paddock to Plate

Our “paddock to plate” promise means we own and operate assets across the supply chain, including a network of farms, feedlots and livestock.

We produce and supply beef and lamb in both fresh carcass and carton form to quality butchers and wholesalers.


Family owned and operated since 1888, we’ve seen five generations proudly carry through the Woodward name, and we’re looking toward a bright future for Woodward Foods Australia.

We are proud and we are passionate about our meat and our service. We have perfected our full-service supply chain, as well as leveraged our expertise in every area of meat production and supply to ensure consistency every single time. We eliminate risk associated with loss of quality across our range by keeping a close eye on every step, paddock to plate.

Our people

The most vital asset to any business is its people. From our highly skilled, experienced and dedicated grain and cattle farmers to our processing plant managers we are quality driven and committed to ensuring the best product is delivered on time each time.